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 One of our favorite spots to look around was an old dairy farm in Abbotsford British Columbia, it was like going back in time. Grandma and Grumpa's; these two characters had been collecting items forever as they managed to overfill multiple large barns and outbuildings with everything you could possibly imagine from hundreds of salt N pepper shakers, collectible glass, figurines, photography equipment, large vintage tractors, a very large bulldozer, and the list goes on. It was enough to catch the attention of the famous TV show Canadian Pickers.

As we approached the farm our famous last words would be "let’s not stay too long this time!" We both knew that wouldn’t happen because as you entered the first building and started looking around and trying to take it all in, you fell into a state of mind where time didn’t matter, 4-5 hours would go by and you didn’t realize it. Anything you’ve been look for was there and in large numbers, a treasure was to be found around every corner, it was a sensory overload! Multiple visits were needed to see this unbelievable place.

As per usual no one was around, it was quite, almost spooky poking around in a dimly lit dusty barn with mannequins and old dolls watching your every move. At the end of the day  you would have to go looking for Gramma and Grumpa who could usually be found sitting in the big carport by the house, a table set up with fresh homemade lemonade and snacks. There was never any prices on the items, it was always the same old thing, he would ask "how much you want to give me for it?" We would go back and forth until we both felt like we made a fair deal.Then we would have a cold beer and hang around chatting about stuff, we were like minded and soon became friends. "We", as he put it, "we’re his best customer."

It was a great place and a wonderful couple, last year they sold the farm and the massive collection. We miss visiting them and those dusty cow barns as it was a magical place .

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