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Here is a vintage Tamron P/KA Adaptall lens in good used condition, shows some ware.

Adaptall lenses are of particular interest to Pentax and Nikon users because the original mounts fit current DSLR's, with aperture connections to the camera.

The P-KA mount with two tabs has electrical contacts, a plastic aperture lever guard and no flange with f numbers on. When set on AE/F32 (press the small side button at quarter-after in pic 1 to click into AE/f32 and lock) the lenses operate in the same manner as Pentax "A" series SMC-A lenses: aperture is set on the camera using the speed dial, automatic modes Av, P, Tv can be used and DSLR's will record the F stop in the EXIF data.

Note that the PKA mounts don't recognise the slow lenses like the 300mm f5.6's, the SP 200-500mm f5.6 (the PKA mounts won't engage into auto mode at all on the 200-500mm f6.9's) correctly: your Pentax DSLR will display f4 (but will otherwise mostly work the same). They also read the f2.5 lenses like the 24mm 01B/BB and 28mm 02B as f2.4, and the f3.8 zooms (03A/103A) as f4. Getting the PKA mount to correctly show f5.6 with the f5.6 lenses is easily accomplished by placing a small piece of insulation between two of the contacts. Also be aware that a known fault that these are occasionally prone to is that the mount won't allow f numbers below F4. It's not known what causes this.

Although we try to give an accurate description, remember, this is a vintage item and there may be small imperfections from age or flaws from production that we have not noticed or noted in the comments. We try to list all the deficiencies, marks etc. Please review ALL pictures closely.

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