Leaving the Ratrace in search of treasures.

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So there we were sitting in traffic on our 3 hour drive to get to work, suddenly it dawned on us, it’s time to leave the city now and pursue a different lifestyle. 

We have been taking about opening an antique store and gallery, well here we are. A year or more of gathering and collecting inventory, meeting all sorts of great and interesting people along the way, learning more about history and a move from the big city of Vancouver to the smallest city in Canada, Greenwood British Columbia!

(Photo: 1964 Chevrolet C10 in Greenwood British Columbia)

Now is when the real work starts, we need to get our name out there Jewelcreek.ca we picked it as our store is going to be located at ... you guessed it by Jewel Creek in Greenwood BC .

So at this point we have been running an Etsy online store, selling items world wide, including places such as California, New York, Italy, Turkey, Japan, United Kingdom as well as others and recently opened a stand alone website. We are working on our brick and mortar store with a goal of a grand opening for the spring of 2020.

Here’s where we ask you to share our posts and check back often to our site jewelcreek.ca. We love vintage items and art and the hunt and reward of finding and passing along items, like figurines, collectible glass, art, vintage toys, anything that brings smiles and good memories of the past, nostalgia it’s a great thing.

Thank you for checking us out online!

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  • So you are the couple that bought the red barn property just out of greenwood. Edward and I had often thought of stopping in but were uncertain after your neighbour Gaven tried. Edward is still in the valley where as I have moved to midway. BEST of success to you if you need help making signs or want to just meet and be meat look me up. My sister moved here years ago from New Westminster, she is in rock creek

    Sol on
  • Congratulations! Greenwood, and the Kootenay Boundary area is a lovely place to leave the rat race for. Best wishes with “Jewel Creek”.
    Deb 😊

    Deb C on
  • Can,t wait to see your new Gallery Jewel Creek ! Will be very interesting!

    Gary Wruck on
  • LOVE this ! Best of luck on your business plan, must be so fresh to get out of the “Big Smoke” and do something you Love. Congratulations!

    Karen on

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