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 As we drive up a winding mountain road leading towards the top of Phoenix Mountain, breathing in the fresh mountain air and taking in the beauty that surrounds us, we stop to place a poppy and pay our respect to those who fought for our freedom, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. 
 8.5 km east of Greenwood BC, across from the Phoenix open pit mine that was closed again in 1976, now a ghost town, stands a WW1 monument, a Cenotaph, which is a Greek word for empty tomb, one of the only remaining structures left from what once was a booming mining town that had been incorporated in 1898.
Cenotaph at Phoenix Mountain - Greenwood BC Cenotaph at Phoenix Mountain - Greenwood BC
 Like many mining towns Phoenix was to be shut down due to the price of copper crashing, during that time some of the towns people had been planning the building of the cenotaph to honor the 15 people from Phoenix who died during the war, money was raised and the cenotaph was erected in 1920 while the town was being dismantled and buildings moved. The cenotaph still stands 1410m above sea level at the top of the mountain and is visited regularly by locals and tourists.
 If you are adventurous as we are, there are remnants of buildings and homesteads scattered and hidden throughout Phoenix mountain and the surrounding areas, many lost to time, some still standing. There is much to explore and history to learn about our area. 
 We look forward to learning and sharing knowledge and experiences with anyone and everyone who has explored this area and those who plan on exploring. Once our brick and mortar store “Jewel Creek Gallery and Antiques” is opened in the spring we welcome all to stop in, share your experiences, have a rest, bring the kids and dogs and plan a day or weekend to see all Greenwood and the Boundary has to offer.
 Until then we are available online at 

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